The single-platform solution that puts productivity at the center of your global supply chain.


CargoWise is a deeply-integrated global software solution that enables our customers to execute highly complex logistics transactions and manage their operations on one database across multiple users, functions, countries, languages, and currencies.

This powerhouse solution allows customers to better address the complexities of the logistics industry while dramatically increasing productivity, reducing costs, and mitigating risks via a global integrated software platform.

CargoWise is a single-platform software solution built upon a single guiding principle: increasing your productivity. It�s a single-database, enterprise-class management system for logistics businesses across 160 countries. There are more than 17,000 logistics organizations using CargoWise solutions.

This powerful platform is scalable to serve logistics companies of any size � from the smallest boutique freight forwarders to the largest organizations in the world. It is also functional in 30 languages.

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  • Scalable to any size of business
  • Global reach: approximately 160 countries
  • Deeply integrated with real-time visibility
  • Reduces risks, costs and data entry
  • Detailed compliance
  • Able to function in 30 languages
  • Data entered only once
  • Automations and delegations
  • Built-in productivity tools
  • On-demand / transaction-based licensing
  • Global data sets and execution engines
  • Swift on-boarding, efficient sales process
  • Open-access, cloud enabled
  • Available anywhere, anytime


  • Forwarding, including International Electronic Ports Connections
  • Customs
  • Liner and Agency
  • Container Freight
  • Warehousing
  • Land Transport, including GPS and Tracking, Optimization and Scheduling, LDaaS, and Mobility
  • Geo Compliance
  • Enterprise Capabilities, including Accounting, Integration, CRM, HRM, Workflow, Documents, Tariffs and Rates, Bookings, and Schedules


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